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GCP Company History

From Humble Beginnings

GCP started in 1999 with only one person, one supplier and commercial sheet rubber as our only product.

With over 30 years of collective international business experience and 15 years in China, GCP sources, develops  and delivers high value, standard and custom industrial products for the North American and European marketplaces.  Our strength is built on Strategic Alignment through our ability to establish and maintain mutually beneficial long term relationships with both our loyal customers and GCP Approved Supplier™ personnel in China.


We began in 1999 with only one key supplier and commercial rubber sheet as our only product. Now, we have expanded to purchase from more than 30 GCP Approved Suppliers™ on 3 continents, an office in China and more than 50 million pounds of industrial material supplied coast to coast. Making GCP the largest importer of industrial rubber sheet in North America!


Our GCP Approved Suppliers™ employ more than 20,000 people and produce a variety of products including; rubber sheet, belting, matting, industrial hose & fittings, cellular rubber sheet, cork, ceramic tile and much more.  GCP’s products have gained a reputation for consistent quality and excellent value from the marketplace. In 2008 GCP introduced our unique supply process - The Risk-Free Sourcing Solution™. Utilizing this innovative process GCP now harnesses the cost efficiencies of overseas manufacturing along with the quality demands of our customers to create products made to perform to industry leading standards.


Our plans are to continue to grow based upon mutually beneficial long term relationships and the quality of our products and services to our ever growing customer base.




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