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GCP's Philosophy

Building Trust Through Communication

We’re passionate to help those interested in growing their business!

We deeply believe in open, honest two-way communication as the foundation for the best relationships. For us, it’s important to act with integrity in all our interactions. To be friendly, dependable, loyal and to always do what we say we will.


Strong, positive relationships which are respectful, open and honest are a big part of what differentiates GCP from most other companies. It is collaboration that allows us to accomplish much more than we ever would be able to on our own. In order for our stakeholders to feel positive about their relationship with GCP, it’s critical they feel engaged in their connection. They must know GCP truly cares about them, their thoughts, opinions, concerns and opportunities.   


This is why we value and strive to develop long-term relationships in all areas of our business: with customers, approved suppliers, business partners, team members and co-workers. 


A key ingredient in our relationships is they must be mutually beneficial. One side can’t consistently win or lose. It’s a give and take bond where both sides have the opportunity to grow and prosper.


We feel if we protect our relationships then the opportunity to build trust and alignment will come.


From our experience we know once trust exists, the possibilities for growth and success are boundless.

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