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GCP's Suzhou Office

GCP China

The art sculpture of Harmony, is one of the icons in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Suzhou, a city known to the Chinese as “paradise on earth” and located approximately 100 km North West of Shanghai, is where GCP has chosen to plant our roots.


For GCP our China office represents improved: sourcing capabilities, order production management, greater logistics control and enhanced partnerships with many of our GCP Approved Suppliers™.  


GCP China occupies an office space in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP).  SIP is a flagship economic cooperation project between the Chinese and Singaporean governments and covers a total square area of 288 km. It’s currently one of China’s fastest growing development zones with a goal of being China’s #1 destination for foreign capital investment.


Accessible from a number of highways and high-speed rail systems including: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Suzhou-Hangzhou Expressway, as well as Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, means GCP China personnel have quick access to airports, rail and roads for domestic travel. With fast access to our GCP Approved Suppliers™ we can better relay accurate information on order statuses, production updates, logistics timing and product development projects to our North American and European customers.


Of course the largest benefit our customer receive are improved lead times.  By having dedicated personal acting in the role of factory production managers, they devote their entire time to production and production related issues and conveying this information back to GCP N.A. This creates a 24 hour working environment between GCP N.A. and GCP China focused on delivering results.


GCP recognizes the importance of communication and production planning which is why we are committed to continually improving these critical functions of our business. We know through enhanced operational efficiencies we will help fuel our customers growth while keeping pace with their needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide exceptional value and superior service every step of the way.

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