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Order Management

We Know Once Trust Exists, the Possibilities for Growth and Success are Boundless

We know our customers have high expectations regarding their purchasing experience. They need to place orders with convenience and ease while knowing every request will be addressed down to the last detail. They count on the most up-to-date information to accurately purchase the right amount of material in order to run their organization as efficiently as possible.  


This is why GCP offers dependable information from order procurement to delivery and services which are designed to help you achieve your business objectives while reducing risk. This approach enables our team to more effectively manage the uncertainty and changes that encompass ordering from offshore suppliers.


  • Up Front Lead Times: You know exactly how long to expect production and delivery of your order to take.
  • Vital Factors Checklist™: Confirms all your essential criteria surrounding your order from, material specs to communication needs to packaging.
  • Sample & Risk-Free Trial Orders: If you choose we will provide you samples or a free trial order to confirm acceptable material performance.
  • Weekly Production Reports/Updates: Communicates all vital information surrounding the progress of your order.
  • Product Inspection: Final check to ensure your material meets all specified criteria (accompanied with final production inspection reports).
  • Delivery and Scheduling: We will work with you to determine the timing and transport options which are most optimal for your organization.
  • Confirmation and Follow-up: With you, we will confirm your material meets the specifications outlined on the Vital Factors Checklist™. If anything is not up to your standards our quality management team will kick into action to resolve the issue quickly.


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