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Quality Management

We Understand What the True Cost of Poor Quality Can Mean to Your Business


Test Reports:

We require each Approved Supplier™ to test production samples and send those test reports with the container order.  This allows our customers, upon receipt of their order, to test their products against the results of the factory (if they so choose).


Email Inspection:

Prior to shipment we have factory personal send us material test reports and any pictures of the order. If test reports and pictures match up to the order’s Vital Factors Checklist (agreed to prior to production) then we will release the shipment. If not and we notice any discrepancies we will request the changes be made and repeat the process.


In Person Inspection:

When required, GCP personnel will closely examine every sensitive area of the order against the pre-confirmed vital factors to ensure our customer receives their order exactly as specified.  This process will repeat until the supplier demonstrates they can manufacture a customer acceptable product for a sustained period of time.



GCP’s product quality complaint handling is a closed-loop process which allows for effective and timely resolutions to all customer issues. With configurable stages to adjust to each customer’s specific requirements, we will capture complete information about the issue minimizing complications so we can begin outlining resolution criteria.   


Inherent benefits include:

  • Quickly expediting the investigation of customer issues (large or small).
  • Minimized financial risk.
  • On-going support and communication.
  • Efficient complaint handling and assurance that GCP is committed to providing products which adhere to the highest industry quality standards.


Through open communication between all parties involved, we will work with you to reduce the costs associated to unsatisfactory product, acquire replacement material (if needed) and ensure product quality is improved for future orders.

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