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Research & Development

Nothing is Perfect, it’s All About Progress

Since GCP’s inception we’ve been providing our customers a full range of R&D services at no extra costs. With half of our full time staff being qualified engineers, we rely on our experience and professionalism to deliver top quality results.


Our aim is to provide more than just test reports and numbers. We concentrate on delivering a tailored experience with the foundation of free flow communication and information as its base. Through our expertise we have the technical competency and ability to help you through the critical stages of your material or product development needs.


Whether it’s working with private or government accreditation, code enforcement or testing agencies we can facilitate your testing and certification requirements.


We offer a wide selection of services including:

  • Project Consulting.
  • Product Development.
  • Product Formulation/Re-Formulation.
  • Product Accreditation, Classification and Testing.
  • Product Troubleshooting.
  • Product Quality Assurance.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Inspections/Test Reports.
  • Physical Property Measurements Analysis.
  • Material Assessments.
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