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Access to New Markets

Sell Profitably into the Highest Regarded Markets in the World

As an overseas supplier entering and accessing new market’s is not easy. For starters you must immerse yourself in understanding the marketplace. Address how can you better serve the customers with your products? Determine where the product gaps are and how can you fill them? Answer why should customers switch to your products? And satisfy how do customers receive your products?


Answering these basic questions involves financial investment, research and most importantly time. Breaking through these and many other barriers to entry could take months, more likely even years, before you start to see any traction. Or worse you might not break through at all.  


However through GCP you can bypass all the above complications. GCP is North America’s number one importer of rubber sheet to the industrial products market.


We are continuing to grow and expand our market share through an aggressive sales force, new product offerings and enhanced customer service. We work with premier distribution and conversion companies who can push your products to market quickly and efficiently. We know and understand the marketplace, the major players, barriers to entry and quality of products required in order to be successful over the long-term.


We’ve been working with overseas manufactures since the late 1990’s and have helped over 30 of our Approved Suppliers™ sell profitably into the highest regarded market in the world, North America.    


Through GCP the manufacturers who have worked with us gain:

  • Expanded geography – We have distribution outlets set up across North America and Europe.
  • Improved product offering – We have helped our Approved Suppliers™ diversify their product offering by teaching them to produce additional items, making them a more durable company.
  • Appeal to a range of customer segments – Through increased requirements to sell into North America, most of our Approved Suppliers™ now sell multiple grades of products into numerous consumer segments.
  • Build new skill and competencies – Not only do we help with product development but we’ve helped institute: production planning systems, more efficient input material purchasing as well as quality check systems.
  • Achieve long-term vision – If your goal is to be a world class manufacturer, supplying into the world’s most desired markets then GCP is the company to help get you there.
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