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Supplier Development

We Collaboratively Work with our Approved Suppliers? to Enhance Their Service Offerings Anyway We Can

As global competition continues to challenge manufacturers around the world, GCP is recognizing speed and flexibility in our supply chain as one of the key components to reducing our supply chain risk. As such the manufacturers who offer time-based competitiveness with cost effective products will win but only when they drive out waste and optimize their value offering.


At GCP we collaboratively work with our Approved Suppliers™ to enhance their service offerings anyway we can. From teaching a supplier how to manufacture a new item to helping them secure a new supply of quality raw materials or refining their internal manufacturing processes, we strive to have all our Approved Suppliers™ operating at a world class level.       


Traditional approaches to supplier development have produced mixed success. Factories are often asked to improve, and try to comply. However without a clear roadmap results are inconsistent and often not sustained. Instead GCP focuses on the relationship side of the equation to empower the supplier to drive sustained change within their organization. Through collaboration, trust and a willingness to oversee short-term setbacks for long-term gains, we impress the importance of continuous improvement and competing together to capture opportunities and grow our businesses over the long haul.

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